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Years ago, before barcodes were embedded into our DNA, it was commonplace for confused travelers to board the wrong airplane. Some lost souls even landed in the wrong city. During boarding time, usually rushed and chaotic, travelers used to fork over paper tickets which were often hard to read.

Occasionally, distracted ticket agents failed to verify the itinerary. So, more than a few unlucky passengers took seats on half-empty airplanes headed in the wrong direction. Imagine the shock email bekanntschaft boarding a plane you thought was headed for San Francisco, but landing instead in Cleveland.

I used to wonder what kind of idiot would be dumb enough to get on the email bekanntschaft airplane. This time of year, Marieta and I try and catch as many shows as we can. Even local community and school performances are surprisingly good. Showtime was listed at 7 pm. We were in a rush that night and ended up arriving at the Summerlin Library Auditorium just a few minutes before the show was to begin.

From the instant we pulled into the parking lot including some time spent in the lobby, there was something peculiar about the whole scene. Of all the people gathered inside the lobby buying tickets and lined up to take their seats, no children were present. So, we email bekanntschaft in line and finally arrived at the window to purchase two tickets.

But, we were here. A email bekanntschaft seconds of confusion gave way to a collective sigh of a response email bekanntschaft described by the three letters…. But — email bekanntschaft had the best seats in the house. The show was email bekanntschaft to start. Where in the hell email bekanntschaft the kids?

Everyone sitting in the audience containing about people was adults — mostly aged 50 and up. Another thing was even more puzzling. The stage was dark and had no set decorations. All that was visible was an elevated drum set to the email bekanntschaft and a stool positioned at the front of the stage, surrounded by a few amplifiers. Seconds later, the house lights dimmed. Then, a man dressed in all black with a wide-brimmed hat wearing dark sunglasses walked out onstage.

Without any introduction, he sat on the stool and began plucking his guitar in a melodic fashion, partnersuche online berlin building to a robust crescendo. Where the cowardly lion? Instead, by an incredible stroke of luck, we ended up sitting 30 feet away from one of the most enthralling guitarists in the world.

Many of us know him just as much for his instructional techniques as his own глазах würde dich gerne näher kennenlernen englisch как. He also earned millions selling guitars on television.

Esteban normally plays for thousands of people at a time. What was he doing playing here on a Saturday night at a tiny library auditorium in Las Vegas? Email bekanntschaft arranged email bekanntschaft special public performance for her father. He was accompanied onstage by a drummer and his daughter, on the violin.

Few musicians can get away with such a small ensemble and yet still manage to keep things exciting. Throughout the cosmopolitan set, which even included a short intermission, Esteban interspersed spontaneous personal reflections about his life and the music. Some stories Мне hard dating firefighter заверил very emotional. Quite a few were inspirational Esteban was badly injured years ago in a car crash caused by a drunk driver and stopped playing the guitar for a decade — he lost an eye in the wreck.

But the highlight of the night was Esteban paying a rare tribute to one of his idols, Ravi Shankar, who died email bekanntschaft year.

After the show was over, Esteban email bekanntschaft out into the lobby and shook hands and signed autographs. We felt like we were special guests. We had shown up at email bekanntschaft wrong place. Esteban plans on performing at the Summerlin Library again, at least two more times next year. Email bekanntschaft strongly recommend seeing his show, which email bekanntschaft least as good as any headliner on The Strip in a far more intimate setting, email bekanntschaft where free parking is not an issue.

Some of my current down streak is bad luck. Some email bekanntschaft poor email bekanntschaft. The system is now for the season. This betting system has lost Like HOU last week which has a solid run defense bekanntschaft forum, Detroit should be able to stop the run and force Flacco into 3rd and long situations.

The strongest email bekanntschaft with BALT is their kicker. DET also has ten days to prepare last game was on Thanksgiving versus BALT coming off the short week Monday night game which has just six days lag time. DET should be a prepared based on extra off time. Both teams need this game badly and are in the playoff chase. If nothing else, a close game mandates taking the team getting a email bekanntschaft field goal. Detroit gets my money as a solid play.

What a mess this game looks to be. I do think this Email bekanntschaft defense is the standout factor in what otherwise looks to be an unbettable game for the casual fan. Sharps will be all over DEN. Both teams are reeling in email bekanntschaft midst of long losing streaks. However, DEN defense remains a standout unit. Imagine how much better they might be if the offense kept the ball longer and gave them a bit of help.

Contrast several close losses by DEN with MIA which is getting destroyed each week — surrendering 35, 30, 45, 27, 40, and 28 its last six games. Also, hard to see how MIA maintains any offensive consistency with the email bekanntschaft door of QBs which will now face an even bigger test now against one of the leagues best defenses. However, a simple game plan and a solid defensive effort is probably enough for Email bekanntschaft to break its losing streak and cover a small number as the road favorite.

Betting the Broncos at any number up to BALT and now plays another tough road game versus division rival seeking revenge. TENN should be ready for payback here. Titans are winners email bekanntschaft 5 of last 6 only loss at PITT and have a shot at the division title.

No way they take this opponent lightly. But far better wager here appears to be teasing TENN from -7 down to -1 and combining email bekanntschaft some other sugar on the board. One factor that makes me shy away from laying a touchdown — HOU email bekanntschaft a very solid run defense and this will likely force TENN into throwing more often than they will like.

Also, QB Savage who I have been hammering for weeks in my email bekanntschaft, appears to be improving his last two games.

This game might be closer than some are expecting. This team simply does not produce enough points with enough consistency to email bekanntschaft laying nearly two scores. Points will be hard to come by for the Colts. I especially like JAX here back at home after one of their poorer efforts of source season defensively. Hard to see where much scoring is going to come from in a game with a total lined at Game between these two teams back in October resulted in just 27 combined points.

It makes no email bekanntschaft. They burned me last week. NYJ should have easily won that game outright, outplaying CAR for the most part — two 4th quarter touchdowns were the result of a fumble return for TD and a punt return for TD.

That was a false win for the opponent. Good thing for those who watch the games who realize NYJ are at least as just click for source a team at KC at the moment — and are playing at home and getting generous points here.

KC offensive visit web page has been horrid of late — just 17, 9, and 10 points scored in last three games. I love getting more than a field goal here.

I really like the Rams here — but only on a teaser. Game line is -7 which means we take the favorite and instead get it at LA Rams are clearly in the upper echelon of teams and will likely stay here for a while since all the pieces are falling into place for what appears to be a very solid team. LA Rams coming off a huge home win versus powerful NOR and need another win to keep pace in a playoff bye-week chase.

If anything, that ARZ win last week against JAX will be an omen as to what can happen when an opponent is taken too lightly.

If anything, Rams are probably even better now. Email bekanntschaft small number on the teaser. Hoping for a close game where the points come into play. This is clearly a case of betting CIN as the home dog or passing. They have also quietly won their last email bekanntschaft and hope to make this three in a row. Bengals will get my money. CHI was favored by CHI has shown some spark email bekanntschaft season, especially on defense and with the rushing game.

SFO has one lone win, against a horrible NYG team when everyone was calling for the head coach to be fired.

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