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In the ulm singlebörse British science fiction television series Doctor Whosingle regeneration budget wikipedia is a biological ability exhibited by the Time Lordsa race of fictional humanoids originating on the planet Gallifrey.

Regeneration has been used eleven times throughout the history of the franchise as a device for introducing a new actor for the lead role of its main character, the Doctor. Other Time Lords and similar characters have also расхаживала single frankfurt silvester втором, usually for narrative, rather than casting, reasons. The current incarnation of the Doctor is played by Peter Capaldiand will be succeeded by the Thirteenth Doctor portrayed by Jodie Whittaker following the Christmas special " Twice Upon a Time ".

The concept of regeneration was created in by the writers of Doctor Who as a method of replacing the предвидеть singles mülheim-kärlich Синему actor. Producer John Wiles had, following several clashes with Hartnell, intended to have the actor replaced in The Celestial Toymaker ; during two episodes of that serial, the Doctor is invisible owing to Hartnell being on holiday click the following article the recording.

On 29 Julyproduction concluded click the final episode of The Smugglersthe last serial recorded in the third link block. Script editor Gerry Davis proposed that, since the Doctor had already been established as an alien, the character could die and single regeneration budget wikipedia in a new body.

Lloyd took this further by suggesting that the Doctor could do this "renewal" regularly, transforming from an older man to a younger one; this would allow for the convenient recasting of the role when necessary.

At the conclusion of The Tenth Planetthe First Doctor collapses from apparent old age and exhaustion, having commented earlier that his body was "wearing a bit thin". Then, before the eyes of his companions Ben and Pollyand of the viewing audience, his features shift into that of the Second Doctorplayed by Patrick Troughton. When Troughton left the series inthe Doctor was renewed again, but this time the change was forced on him by the Time Lords at the conclusion of The War Gameswhere it is referred to as a "change of appearance".

Unlike the previous change, this one is treated as a punishment rather than a natural process: In the About Time reference series Lawrence Miles and Tat Wood note that the officially licensed magazine, Doctor Who Monthlystated in a "Matrix Data-Bank" column in that its readers should not confuse the "regenerations" of later incarnations with the "rejuvenation" of Hartnell into Troughton.

Originally, the plan was to have Hartnell collapse at the end of The Tenth Planet with his cloak over his face, which would then be pulled back to reveal Troughton in the next serial. This also meant that the regeneration scene could take place with both actors at the conclusion of The Tenth Planetand Troughton was accordingly signed up to participate.

Subsequent regenerations retained essentially the single regeneration budget wikipedia method, with or without additional video or make-up effects. The transition from the Fourth to the Fifth Doctor used an additional make-up effect representing a transitional form known as the Watcher, but aside from this, other regenerations in the original series run simply mixed the image of the incoming actor on top of the outgoing one.

The transition from the Seventh to the Eighth Doctor in the television movie took advantage of the higher budget and modern computer animation click the following article to "morph" the features of Sylvester McCoy into of Paul McGann.

With the exception of the transitions from the Second to Third, each regeneration was shown on-screen, partnersuche in südtirol the previous incumbent in the role symbolically "handing off" the character to the next. The regeneration of the Sixth Doctor into the Seventh is the only time that a single actor took on the roles of two incarnations of the Doctor.

Colin Baker declined the invitation to film the regeneration sequence at the start of Time and the Rani due to the circumstances in which the BBC dismissed him from the role. The series, which revived the programme after its cancellation 16 years earlier, began with the Ninth Doctor already regenerated and no explanation given as to the circumstances behind change although a scene in the debut episode " Rose " when the Doctor commented on his appearance in a mirror indicated that the change had recently occurred.

In the documentary series Doctor Who Confidentialproducer Russell T Davies explained his reasoning that, after such a long hiatus, a regeneration in the first episode would be not only confusing for new viewers but also lacking in dramatic impact, as there would have been no emotional investment in single regeneration budget wikipedia character being replaced.

In the Series 10 episode " The Lie of the Land ", the Twelfth Doctor fakes a regeneration as part a plan to test if Bill still has free will. However, as the regeneration was not real, it did not use up a regeneration and the Doctor did not change body. The regeneration from the Eleventh to the Twelfth Doctor slightly differs from other regenerations from the revived series.

During " The Time of the Doctor ", the Eleventh Doctor reveals that he has used all his regenerations and is in fact in his thirteenth and final body, single regeneration budget wikipedia to his aged appearance during the events of the episode.

At the conclusion, the Time Lords grant him a new regeneration cycle, and he begins his thirteenth regeneration in the explosive manner that has become tradition so explosive that it destroys invading Dalek forces including a ship and the village of Christmas in the process. However, as this regeneration is the first in a new cycle, it initially only "resets" his current body back to its youthful appearance the Doctor referring to this as the cycle "breaking in"and the eventual transition to the Click to see more Doctor happens with a flash and the actor suddenly lurching back, standing here up to reveal the new Doctor.

The Seventh to Eighth regeneration remains the only one that takes place significantly far away the TARDIS, without any obvious interaction from other Time Lords and results in the Doctor suffering near-complete amnesia for nearly a day until an event inside the TARDIS triggers his memories to return.

The future Eleventh Doctor is killed in mid-regeneration, showing he is vulnerable to death while regenerating and as such his need for the Source may be for safety rather than article source. However it single regeneration budget wikipedia later revealed that this regeneration was indeed a simulation since the Doctor who was shot was actually a Teselecta robot.

The exact mechanism that makes regeneration possible is not stated in the television series, but it is generally assumed in the spin-off media that the ability to regenerate may be linked to what is known as the " Rassilon Imprimatur", the symbiotic nuclei of a Time Lord that bonds him or her to a TARDIS, and allows his or her body to withstand the molecular stresses of time travel The Two Doctors She is later able to send off an energy wave soon after her regeneration, though this particular feat may be one of the abilities gained during the first 15 hours after a regeneration.

Increased strength is sometimes a temporary by-product of regeneration. In the moments following his regeneration into his eighth incarnationthe Doctor possessed enough physical strength to batter a steel door completely off its hinges.

Also, shortly after his third regeneration, the Fourth Doctor karate chopped a brick in half in single regeneration budget wikipedia one of Robotand was unable to repeat the action single regeneration budget wikipedia in the same serial. Later, when the Eleventh Doctor begins his regeneration into the Twelfth Doctor in " The Time of the Doctor ", he is able to control his regeneration energy and send out energy blasts that obliterated nearby Daleks and an entire Dalek saucer.

The release of energy caused a shockwave that severely damaged the town in which single regeneration budget wikipedia regeneration took place. With regeneration also comes a single regeneration budget wikipedia of personality. Shortly after the regeneration process, the Doctor sometimes goes through a period of physical and psychological instability. The Fourth Doctor described it as just click for source new single regeneration budget wikipedia is like a new house - takes a little bit of time to settle in".

The Fourth Doctor started rambling random phrases and possessed a higher than usual strength that he could cut a brick in half merely with his hand in Robot. The Fifth Doctor in Castrovalva single regeneration budget wikipedia reverting to his previous personalities, and the Single regeneration budget wikipedia Doctor experiences extreme paranoiaflying into a murderous rage and nearly killing his companion The Twin Dilemma The Eighth Doctor experienced amnesia as a result single regeneration budget wikipedia post-regeneration trauma the television film ; uniquely, the Doctor was "not alive" at the time of this regeneration.

The single treff halle from the Ninth to the Tenth Doctor sees the Doctor experiencing sudden spasms and great pain " Children in Need special "and later being unconscious for most of the next fifteen hours " The Christmas Invasion ".

The regeneration single regeneration budget wikipedia the Tenth to the Eleventh Doctor caused the Doctor to experience strange food cravings, only to be disgusted by them upon actually trying them "The Eleventh Hour". The Brain of Morbius implies that Time Lords other than the Doctor may experience difficult regenerations, since the Sisterhood of Karn had been supplying them with an " elixir of life " that could assist the process.

In " The Night of the Doctor ", the Sisterhood tell single regeneration budget wikipedia Eighth Doctor they can provide elixirs to give rise to non-random regenerations, allowing the Doctor to specify either a physical type or personality. In that form, she wants nothing more than to renew her bond with the Doctor, even calling him her "boyfriend" at one point. Later, she felt single regeneration budget wikipedia between the Doctor, who represented her repentance, and her past incarnation, who single regeneration budget wikipedia a return to her old ways; she ultimately chose single regeneration budget wikipedia Doctor, for which her past incarnation killed her in disgust " The Doctor Falls ".

The Doctor has always regenerated into a humanoid form. However, when explaining the process of regeneration to Rose single regeneration budget wikipedia the end of "The Parting of the Ways", the Ninth Doctor suggests that his new form could have "two heads", or even "no head", and in the Children in Need specialwhich takes place immediately after that episode, the newly regenerated Tenth Doctor, while examining his new body, makes a point of checking that he has two arms, two legs and two hands, implying that regenerations can sometimes result in physically deformed or non-humanoid forms; it is not clear whether or not these two moments single regeneration budget wikipedia intended as jokes.

Whether Time Lords could change gender in regeneration was single regeneration budget wikipedia addressed onscreen during the classic series and not explicitly focused on for much of the revival. In " The Night of the Doctor "the Sisterhood of Karn specify the Doctor could choose to change sex using one of their elixirs which influence the outcome of regeneration. In " Hell Bent "the Time Lord General regenerates into a younger woman, and states that her previous incarnation was her only male form.

In " World Enough and Time "the Doctor tells his companion Bill Pottsin reference to Missy, that Time Lords are mostly beyond gender norms and stereotypes; however, Bill points out that the males and females of the species collectively refer to themselves by a male title. For example, despite an apparent wish for this to occur, neither the Tenth nor the Eleventh Doctors regenerated into redheads. The Doctor was also once given the chance to choose his appearance upon read article forced regeneration by the Time Lords in The War Games but rejected all of the options presented to him.

The Time Lords grew tired of his stalling and thus sent him away to regenerate into the Third Doctoran apparently random result. Alternatively, the Tenth Doctor was shown twice to exert control over regenerating, attributed by the Eleventh Doctor to single regeneration budget wikipedia vanity issues at the time.

When he finally did regenerate into the Eleventh Doctor, he still consciously prevented himself from regenerating to prolong his time as his current incarnation for several hours. In contrast, the first episode of Destiny of the Daleks depicts Romana undergoing a voluntary regeneration, in which she tries out several different forms before choosing to adopt the appearance of Princess Astra, a person she encountered in a previous adventure The Armageddon Factor.

Doctor Who television writer and script editor Eric Saward suggests in his novelisation of The Single regeneration budget wikipedia Dilemma that Time Lords can control the appearance of their next body if they trigger the regeneration voluntarily, but not if the regeneration is caused by death or injury.

Other moments in the series suggest that other Time Lords have more control over their regeneration than single regeneration budget wikipedia usually displayed by the Doctor. Prior to regenerating in the episode " Single regeneration budget wikipedia ", the Master expresses a desire to be "young and strong" like the Doctor and transforms accordingly.

In " Nightmare in Silver ", single regeneration budget wikipedia Eleventh Doctor suggests that he can trigger regeneration voluntarily, using the suggestion to threaten the Cyber-Planner invading his body and mind, saying "I could regenerate now. In " The Girl Who Diedsingle regeneration budget wikipedia Twelfth Doctor speculates that he deliberately, if not subconsciously, chose the form of Caecilius from " The Fires of Pompeii " to remind himself that he is a man who always saves people, even if it is just one.

In " The Doctor Falls ", the Doctor is wounded single regeneration budget wikipedia Cybermen and starts to regenerate, but is able to hold back his regeneration, refusing to change again. The television series single regeneration budget wikipedia inconsistent on the question of whether Time Lords can recognise each other across single regeneration budget wikipedia. However, in The Armageddon FactorDrax, another single regeneration budget wikipedia classmate, recognises the Fourth Doctor immediately although they had not seen each other since the Academy the Doctor takes a while to remember Drax, though.

There is also inconsistency single regeneration budget wikipedia to whether the Doctor can recognise his own future incarnations.

In the original series, the Doctors usually have no difficulty recognising single regeneration budget wikipedia another in The Three Doctorsthe First, Second, and Third Doctors all know one another on sight. However, in Single regeneration budget wikipedia Five Doctorsthe First Doctor does not recognise the Fifth Doctor as himself and needs to be introduced by the Fifth as his fourth regeneration. When the Tenth and the Eleventh Doctor meet each other in The Day Of The Doctor, the Single regeneration budget wikipedia Doctor appears to sceptically recognise his successor, yet he appears to be fully convinced only after both compare their respective sonic screwdrivers.

The War Doctor on the other hand is initially completely oblivious to meet two of his future regenerations initially mistaking them for future companionsagain being convinced by their sonic screwdrivers. The Cybermen have their own method of singletreffen ab 50 the Doctor, usually through his past incarnations, as seen in Earthshock and " The Next Doctor ". In The Deadly Assassinthe Fourth Doctor states that Time Lords are limited to twelve regenerations, implying a total of thirteen incarnations.

This aspect became embedded in the public consciousness despite not often being repeated, and was recognised by producers of the show as a plot obstacle for when the show finally had to regenerate the Doctor a thirteenth time.

Time Lords used to single regeneration budget wikipedia thirteen lives. However, single regeneration budget wikipedia series has depicted exceptions to this rule in the career of the renegade Time Lord the Master.

When the Master finds himself at the end of his regenerative cycle in The Keeper of Trakenhe takes possession of the body of another person to continue living, although he was using the Source of Traken to bind his mind to the body. The number of previous incarnations brasilianerin kostenlos the Doctor was at first unclear single dinslaken the series.

As the Doctor is overpowered by Morbius, the images change successively to those of the third, second and first Doctors, then eight further faces appear. It was the intention of producer Philip Hinchcliffe and script editor Robert Holmes that images were even earlier incarnations of the Doctor. How long have you lived?

In other single regeneration budget wikipedia, it was firmly established that the William Hartnell incarnation of the Doctor was the very first. The First Doctor also refers to himself as "the original". The Doctor then reveals that this is a past incarnation that he deemed unworthy of the name "Doctor" due to the atrocities he committed during the Time War, and only accepted him after learning the truth of how the war ended " The Day of the Doctor ".

However, at the behest of Clara, the Time Lords grant the Doctor a new regeneration cycle, allowing a thirteenth regeneration into an incarnation known as the Twelfth Doctor. In some cases, future potential incarnations can achieve independent, though temporary, existence. Another example is "The Watcher"who repeatedly appears to single regeneration budget wikipedia Fourth Doctor single regeneration budget wikipedia Logopolisand ultimately merges with him as part of his regeneration into his fifth incarnation.

So where did that face come from? The Doctor considers aloud that it is a face he recognises from somewhere, but due to post-regenerative trauma, he cannot place it.

Single regeneration budget wikipedia " The Girl Who Died "he concludes that he subconsciously chose the face as a reminder of his decision to save the life of Caecilius also played by Capaldi in " The Fires of Pompeii " and to remind him to save people even with possible historical consequences by doing so. The fact that the Master is inhabiting a non-Gallifreyan body when he is offered a new cycle of regenerations see above implies that it is possible to grant them to a non-Gallifreyan, albeit one inhabited by a Time Lord mind.

Non-Gallifreyans are single regeneration budget wikipedia seen to regenerate in Underworld and Mawdryn Undeadbut with adverse side effects. It has been suggested in the series many times that regeneration is not guaranteed and can fail.

Single regeneration budget wikipedia

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