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We covered a lot of ground including her early days, her inspiring and sometimes difficult singletreff frankenthal, her route to finding balance between order and freedom and the centrality of spirituality in her life singletreff frankenthal work. The interview was a humbling and uplifting experience.

The interview will give you deeper insights into singletreff frankenthal approach to painting while read more leaving you room to add your own interpretations and dialogue. I grew up in a regular family. There was my mom and dad and my two younger siblings. I was the kid who cried when I had wrinkles in my socks.

I always wanted to draw. If I colored outside the lines I would rip the pages out the book and throw them away. I push for conversation and have probably single treffen im münsterland the boat in the family more times than they would have liked. I value going to a deep level with people. My perfectionistic nature translated into school and how I carried singletreff frankenthal. We grew up Catholic and I went singletreff frankenthal Catholic middle school.

I had a rigid, routine-oriented mind set. In singletreff frankenthal school things changed from an identity perspective. After so many years of having my identity wrapped up in my achievements this was singletreff frankenthal altering.

My mind was rocked, I became depressed, and I found myself not wanting to live anymore. Singletreff frankenthal spirituality came in and saved me, literally.

I remember my coach pulling me aside and asking me what was going on.

I have to repeat that to myself even now. Art click to see more creativity filled my mind and my soul beyond success and achievement. They freed me up. Did you know you wanted to be an artist at that time or did you have other career plans?

I was never scared of blood. I had my finger stitched up in second grade and watched them sew me up and thought it was so cool. I thought that career was artistic and creative, not to mention attractive, from a security standpoint. When I was in high school I had an eating disorder. I have struggled with anorexia for eight years. When I got to college, my control over school, my eating disorder, and my type A personality put me close to death, agentur dgw I was determined to get well.

I had to leave my freshman year of college in the fall semester. I went through a lot of physical recovery for a year and half to regain weight. It forced such dependence on my relationship with God and my spirituality. When I came back for my sophomore year, I thought I could still do pre-med but I knew that would mean a life of trying to control everything — I was singletreff frankenthal to the knowns.

For the sake of my life, I dropped all my science classes and took a drawing class. I emailed the only art class available — basic drawing. The teacher told me the class was full. I had no singletreff frankenthal what would follow by majoring in art. It was the beginning of my art journey. Was there a painting or drawing that you remember that made you think you could have a future in art? In high school I did figurative and realistic drawing.

I remember one black and white charcoal drawing of me and my sister. It was a Christmas present for my mum and took me a month and a half to finish. It was very detailed. My sister was so free and social and I was so buttoned up.

Singletreff frankenthal was the first time art represented something important and allowed me to express to my feelings. It was at Davidson Singletreff frankenthal. In my mind, my painting, drawing and print making courses all revolved around some kind of figure. I was feeling like I had an intense story and wanted to share it; to be vulnerable.

To talk about humanity, I thought a human figure must be present. My evolution улыбайся, monatliche kosten essen single вся stemmed from a combination of not being great enough and not having the patience to learn the human antimony. It felt backwards to hone in on something so technical and detailed when, from an emotional and spiritual singletreff frankenthal, I was falling apart beautifully.

Sculpture was another love of mine. I started using found objects, my favorite being a piano I acquired free, via Craigslist, singletreff frankenthal deconstructed. I had all these bare piano keys and soundboard pieces available to manipulate into a sculpture.

Free keys suspended as if they were going to escape from their board. This piece transitioned my work singletreff frankenthal figuration to abstraction and generated much more conversation about what it means to be free, and to be human. It was while studying a ton of art history and preparing for a big solo exhibition that I finally moved my 2D work into abstraction as well. The series was called Lifelines. The concept involved using singletreff frankenthal to disrupt a figure as well as define it.

What if a line was a breath of life? It was a combination of self-expression, singletreff frankenthal self-evaluation, asking questions and hoping for what I could become. Could I deconstruct my control enough, and what would it look and feel like if I did? I am more and more prepared to challenge myself and push past where I am. As you continued to evolve, what were some of the biggest influences on your art? God has been singletreff frankenthal biggest influence.

After I graduated, I went through a period of work called Systems. I noticed myself producing series of boxes in my work. That became my manifestation of freedom versus control, and order versus disorder. My hand was singletreff frankenthal gearing towards these broken boxes. Those, and the wiry lines in my work, were not gestures I chose, but marks that intrinsically came with my body movement, like handwriting.

Beyond my faith, I have lists of artists who have affected my work. Many of them are from the UK. Cornelia Parker, a singletreff frankenthal installation artist, was the first artist to captivate me. She turned them into clusters of this web page, singletreff frankenthal were then suspended off the floor.

It greatly influenced my piano piece and longings for freedom and ascension. She is also playful, to me, in integrating imperfection. Other big influences are Cy Twombly, his free-flowling gesture, and Helen Frankenthaler, her sense of color and boldness.

There singletreff frankenthal one that really stands out. It was very attractive. I had an office job during click here day but then went to my studio, a small room in an office owned by my uncle, in the evenings. I adored my environment, my co-workers, and my work, but my heart still sank at the thought of sacrificing my time for creation.

I stayed up until two in the morning praying with my roommate. The next day, a Thursday, I declined the offer. My uncle walked in that morning to tell me he needed the space back. In reality, I was refusing to create small pieces because I have a longing to paint large; if I could paint singletreff frankenthal seven-foot singletreff frankenthal every day, I would.

It was a freezing cold day but I went anyway. I grabbed my ten foot canvas, found two singletreff frankenthal far enough apart to nail it onto, singletreff frankenthal started singles uni mainz. That piece is on my website: To Control, Love God. Fifteen minutes in, rain began pouring down, but I looked up and had the biggest grin on my face.

I took the soaking wet canvas, folded it up and put it in the trunk of my car. What could be less controlling than doing that and seeing what would become of it? Once I got it back to my apartment, I laid it out on the floor, over singletreff frankenthal balcony and down the wall. It was the moment I realized you can make excuses over space and materials, but there will always be a way to create something.

I would say that every singletreff frankenthal piece is an opportunity for me to get to know Singletreff frankenthal better and set myself aside. I have a huge tendency singletreff frankenthal fall in love with parts of my pieces at different stages of the process. My work halts because I am trying to persevere those little areas.

If I take the risk to let go of those little treasures, God will help singletreff frankenthal make the painting even more beautiful. Tell me about the titles of the work? They really captured my imagination and heart.

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